Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We sheared early this year.  We ususally don't shear until late May or early June, since we can always get a cold spell here until then.  But, when you hire someone to come in, you go by their schedule.  We did 20 of the pacas.  We didn't do the 4 weanlings, since they don't seem to have enough meat on their bones yet, and I'm really glad we didn't.  It was 35 degrees this morning.
Last week we noticed Aristotle was shivering, so I got the blanket out for him.  His mother was the last one to wear this.  He tried to run away from it at first, but is now quite content with it.

Sancho has staked out his place in the barn and won't go outside until the sun comes out.  He's the smart one.
Then there is Chico.  35 degrees and he still wants to play in the water as I wash down the barn.  Makes me cold just thinking about it.


  1. They look SO skinny......poor things...probably can't understand what you did to them that they are now so cold...except Chico, of course, who apparently doesn't care that he is cold!!!

  2. 35 degrees oh cold. Poor babies they all need coats.