Monday, March 7, 2011


I am going to continue posting to this blog, but it won't be very frequent. I have sold all but three of my alpacas. Well, sold isn't exactly the correct word. Placed, bartered and sold. Eight of them are going to some folks I have been mentoring, and in the meantime we have become really good friends. I just love them. Their farm is Muddy Waters Farm. They also raise goats and chickens, and make the most amazing wine and beer.

I am going to stay "on" as their consultant/midwife. Since all three of them work, I have offered to be on baby watch whenever a cria is due. I would miss that so much.

So, I'm very excited. I will have the pleasure of still being a part of the alpaca community, yet have my freedom from caring for animals. I can take off for a visit whenever I want, go on trips, vacations; wow.

I'm making plans to lease the land to organic farmers so I won't have to maintain the pastures.

This year, I am going to grow flowers and lettuce. Maybe a blueberry plant.

That's it.

Hmmmmmmm. We'll see.