Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farwell to Eve and Sancho

It was a melancholy day at Lost River Alpacas Sunday when two of our favorites left to go to new homes.  But hey, you can't keep them all.

We acquired Sancho through a trade, and he came all the way from Ohio.  Sancho is the sweetest gentleman.  He was always the last one to leave the barn in the morning, and kept me company until I sprayed his legs with the hose.  I always wondered if he just liked my company, or was he waiting for that spray.  Then again, he spent most of the time cleaning out the grain feeders for those last morsels.
This is Eve on drugs.  She had just had a procedure done on her ear to correct a chronic ear infection.  She was definitely a favorite, having been bottle fed for three months, and very friendly.  After I loaded her in the trailer I gave her a hug and then started crying.

So our herd is down to 27 now.  Both the girls and boys are feeling a bit disconcerted, a bit apprehensive.  They know one of them has left, and they will be a little at odds for about a week, and then their new positions will go into effect.

Sancho and Eve have gone to live with some wonderful people in Eastern Oregon, and I know they are going to be well cared for and happy.


  1. A sad farewell - but a happy ending for them in Oregon with their new family.

  2. We stopped in to visit after seeing the sign near the main road. WHAT a find. We spent time seeing the alpacas and talking of our own plans to relocate to the area. I do hope there is a time when we can make another happy ending for some of these dear critters to come home with us. Thanks Linda, Al and Michael for making our visit so warm and welcoming. Blessings and Hugs, Linda and Rick

  3. It is always sad saying 'goodbye' to our animal friends. We have our special memories of each one to remember them.

  4. Just want to add that Eve and Sancho are doing very well in eastern Oregon. While Eve and I don't have that very special relationship she had with Alan and Linda, she always comes to greet me. Sancho has set the standard for behavior for our boys, he is such a sweetheart--still first in line to eat and last to leave. When we stopped at Lost River Alpacas we were actually on vacation and not seriously thinking of purchasing an alpaca, but I'm so glad we did. Lost River will be the first place I check if I'm in the position to purchase another one; the people and animals there are a joy to be around.