Monday, March 7, 2011


I am going to continue posting to this blog, but it won't be very frequent. I have sold all but three of my alpacas. Well, sold isn't exactly the correct word. Placed, bartered and sold. Eight of them are going to some folks I have been mentoring, and in the meantime we have become really good friends. I just love them. Their farm is Muddy Waters Farm. They also raise goats and chickens, and make the most amazing wine and beer.

I am going to stay "on" as their consultant/midwife. Since all three of them work, I have offered to be on baby watch whenever a cria is due. I would miss that so much.

So, I'm very excited. I will have the pleasure of still being a part of the alpaca community, yet have my freedom from caring for animals. I can take off for a visit whenever I want, go on trips, vacations; wow.

I'm making plans to lease the land to organic farmers so I won't have to maintain the pastures.

This year, I am going to grow flowers and lettuce. Maybe a blueberry plant.

That's it.

Hmmmmmmm. We'll see.


  1. You can post about your new way of life and all the exciting adventures you will be going on!

  2. Sounds like things are falling into place in a way that is really great for you. You can still get to be a 'paca "grandmom" (auntie??) and yet you can be more free to go places. If you ever want to come out this way, please know you have a place to stay!

  3. I am happy you will still be part of the alpacas life. Its great that things seem to be workin out for you after having such a shock. Please know that both Pat and I would be very excited to havyou come and visit. ASeriously think ab out it

  4. Blueberry plant sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing.