Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heat Stress

It's heat stress time, and you must take extra measures to keep your alpacas cool. When the temperature and humidity added together exceed 150, it's bad news. Today we are at 153 at 11am. Soon to be worse. Make sure your alpacas have shade. Sprinklers and wading pools a must. Fans in the barn if you have electricity. We have two girls due any time now, and I'm very concerned. So, time to turn on the sprinklers and give the girls a break. Think I'll stand in it too.


  1. Oh, my...that is truly EXCESSIVE heat for them, isn't it? Hoping Betsy Ross and your other soon-to-be-mom are doing fine (and the other 'pacas, too, of course.)

  2. I wish we could provide you with some of the rain we are having and the cooler weather here in the east. We check in every day to see how the girls are doing. Good luck to Betsy Ross etal and to you too! Dealing with the heat would be enough.

  3. Any new crias yet from Betsy Ross or her other pal (whose name I don't think I have even heard mentioned)???