Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Another Girl!!

Velvet had her cria yesterday. Isn't she a beauty? A big girl, and the best part, she's strong and healthy!
The night before, Velvet was having a really hard time with the heat, hovering near 90 still at 9PM. I checked her and determined the baby was in position, but she was not dilated. Then yesterday morning, she took a couple of bites of grain, then went outside to get to work. The baby was born at 8:15.
I named her Julia. My husband likes to think she is named for Julia Child, who he just adores. But I wanted to link her to her famous grandsire, Victor's Julius. Thus, Julia.

The day before, we had some visitors
come to see the alpacas.
My friend Christina arrived at
about the same time. Here she is
getting a kiss from Bambino.


  1. absolutely adorable. I would LOVE to be able to visit you and all those alpacas

  2. Oh, Julia is BEAUTIFUL...and I love seeing Bambino give that kiss. LOL Now...I do hope someday, you will have one that does remind you of Pattycake or Peppermint Patty. I'm glad all went well for Velvet and hope for the same outcome for Betsy Ross...and soon!!!

  3. Awwwhhh she is a cute lil red head!!!!! Sweet!!So happy Velvet had an easy time. We had a beautiful blackish Germ.Shep dog 35 ys ago named Velvet...she was like black velvet hense the name!
    Sweet kisses from BammmmaBeannnnO....get it saying with an Italian accent and a twist of my southern drawl??? Ha!!

  4. Congratulations Velvet. The baby is so amazingly alert looking. I hope Betsy has an easy time too.

  5. She is adorable !!!I just want to scopp her up and hug her!!!! And mom, baby , and midwife are doing ok in your record hot spell!????

  6. Here's a good name for the next cria - "Chodia"- that was the word verification for my last post - I hate captcha!!!!LOL