Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Refreshing

The other day I posted about how my hands hurt from chores around the farm. Well, Pat, over at Artfully Ooglebloops,

sent me some magnetic bracelets. Here they are. You can tell I've been skirting fleeces, look how dusty they are. I'm wearing all 5 of my bracelets, trying to get results.
Thought you might enjoy seeing the girls enjoy playing in the sprinkler. I sure do.


  1. How cute is that????? I can just imagine if they were doing that with all their fleece on - kind of a sodden mess? But it must feel good when they are 'nekked"!! LOL Wish I could get the horses to appreciate the sprinkler............

  2. Oh- and LOVE those bracelets!!! :>)

  3. How nice of Pat to send the bracelets...hope they work for you. I LOVED seeing the video. Was that the boys off in the background wondering when THEY would have a turn?

  4. Neat braclets I hope they work for you...

    Also - seeing the babies in the sprinkler is great...i loved it...

  5. Pat is one of the nicest gals I know in bloggerland .... I've been following her blog ever since she sent me a beautiful zentangle last year ..... I hope the bracelts works for you!!!

    My daughter and I enjoyed the video - way tooo dang cute!

  6. So nice of Pat to send them to you!!Hope they work for you..I have been on arthritis meds for years now. Also have copper to wear..;-)
    CUTE!!!!! I would be watching them play all day! Shoot I bet if you had a couple cabins you could have folks book them to just to come watch the babes play and you all work... ha!!