Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doing My Homework

I'm doing my homework. Don't ever get complacent about your alpacas, and assume that nature will take care of things. With the uncommonly hot weather we are having, I am very concerned about a cria born with heat stress.

This is my best handbook. It is so used and abused, it hardly stays together. It's water damaged and covered in medicines and blood. But it is the best.
For general husbandry, this is an excellent resource. He has a bigger and improved issue, but this will do for us. Remember, the longer you own alpacas, the more you will see, the more illnesses you will have to deal with.

Then, the bible of alpacadom. Worth it's weight in gold.
Did you know that alpacas generally deliver between the hours of 8AM and 2PM? What a convenient form of livestock! We get to sleep through the night. The reason for this is the inborn instinct of the alpaca. They come from South America, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, in the high mountain plains which are well above 10,000 feet. While it can be in the 70's during the day, when the sun goes down, it drops to freezing or below. If a cria is born late in the day, chances are it will freeze to death if it is not dry and nursing when the sun goes down. Isn't God great, how he provides for all of his creatures? But as I said, this heat, combined with the fact that we have not shorn yet, causes me great concern. I am keeping the three wading pools filled with cold water so they can cool the crias off in their bodies. Next Wednesday can't get here soon enough. My stress level, as well as theirs, will be much reduced.

Last evening I was sitting out under the apple tree watching Edna Mae. She came over and planted a kiss smack on my lips. She must know I'm worried about her.


  1. Best wishes during this birthing season .... the weather is expected to change soon. I've been enjoying it - but it seems out of place this early in June.

  2. You're a good momma to Edna Mae and I'm sure she'll be a very happy alpaca once she delivers.
    I think it's so sweet she gave you a kiss :^)

  3. Give Edna Mae a kiss from me and tell her with you there at delivery she will be just fine!

  4. Gotta LOVE that Edna Mae!!!

  5. Our own Edna Mae is having her 85th (?) b'day this month and your Edna Mae is having a baby!!! :>)