Monday, June 22, 2009

A Happy Update

I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to report that Margaret's cria has made a miraculous recovery, and is acting like any newborn cria. We have named her Phoenix, the bird rising from the ashes. Tomorrow, she and her mom will get to go out and meet the other girls and play in the sun. Getting lots of exercise will help those legs of hers. She has been nursing on her own all day, so I get to sleep all night.

Meanwhile, Edna and Eve are finally bonding. Last week you would not have found them settled in like this with each other. Eve is a little character, exploring her surroundings and greeting all guests. She will be thrilled to have a playmate in Phoenix. They should be quite a pair.
Raising alpacas is usually not this difficult. This has been a terrible year, and has had me questioning my abilities. Only two more babies due this year, and I'm hoping for easy births and healthy crias.


  1. I am SO glad to hear about both crias doing well (and their moms, too, of course). Phoenix is a perfect name considering what that little girl has already been through in her short life....practically given up for dead in her early hours and now she is back among the living!!!

  2. Oh, yes....LOVE the "look" in that little coat. Is that to keep the cria warm? (I'm figuring that must be the reason for wearing it.)

  3. Certainly don't question your abilities - they are thriving and healthy - if it wasn't for you , they wouldn't be!!!
    Do you make those little coats or are they commercially made.
    Phoenix is precious - is there anything cuter than a tiny cria - I don't think so!!!:>)

  4. I've been doing exactly the same questioning of my abilities over this side of the pond. Like you say lets hope our remaining cria are text book babies!

  5. Oh, the baby is so cute and I love her name.

  6. I need one of each colour. Unfortunately, my farm? is only a fraction of an acre 18 floors up. I guess that won't work huh? I love your babies. A hug to each. I am such an old animal lover. Good luck with your next delivery.