Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Toooooooooo Hot

Even Fred agrees, it's way too hot. He can't figure out why they are playing in the water. If he'd just give it a try, he'd find some relief!
Maggie knows how to take full advantage of the pool. She is due mid month and quite uncomfortable. Edna Mae is getting bitchier and bitchier, the longer she carries this cria. I'm actually worried about a heat stressed cria, if it continues in the 80's. Not normally a big concern, but they haven't been shorn yet, and are unbelievably uncomfortable. Imagine wearing a 5 inch thick sweater in the sunshine. We were going to begin shearing this last weekend, by my trip to the hospital ended those plans. Now we will start Monday, and hopefully will finish up on Wednesday.

Edna Mae shows off her sweet disposition. At least she knows to get INTO the pool. The majority of the pacas haven't figured that out.


  1. Please tell Edna Mae that a lot of us are waiting on her baby........hope you are feeling better, Linda.


    Cute pool party! Here's a link to a comic strip I made of our pacas in a pool.