Sunday, June 14, 2009

Milk Shortage

Unfortunately, Edna Mae is not proving to be a very good mother. I noticed yesterday that when Eve nurses, she does so for a very long time. When I weighed her this morning she had lost 3 pounds! A weight loss is normal in the first couple of days, but not 3 pounds. So, I'm supplementing her with whole milk with a little Karo syrup in it for sweetness and energy. That's the other thing. A cria this age is usually running and enjoying life. Poor little Eve is either nursing or sleeping. I just gave her a bottle and she took a full 8 ounces. To be perfectly honest, at this point I'm being hopeful she survives, but I have some bad feelings. Tomorrow I will obtain some Domperidone from the vet. It is a med that promotes milk production. It doesn't always work, but it's sure worth a try.
The other thing is: Edna Mae just leaves her baby sleeping, and goes off to the barn or to be with the other girls on the north side of the barn. We find the poor baby asleep in a field all by herself. I have NEVER had a mother do that. They usually don't leave the baby's side for a week.

Well, wish me luck. This is tough.


  1. heart is breaking to hear this news, Linda. I sure hope you can pull Eve through. Please keep us updated. Poor little Eve. Is this Edna Mae's first cria? Maybe she is a female who didn't instinctively know what to do. I know you don't have any other females who recently delivered but IF there had been another who had recently delivered, would it every be possible for one female to nurse her own AND another cria also??? I do hope things improve very little Eve looks so weak and helpless in this most recent photo.

  2. Oh Dear, this is very upsetting for you and I am sure Edna Mae. I know sometimes when a dog has pups and 1 is not well doesn't she ignore it. Maybe $Edna Mae isn't sure what to do especially since the pregnacy was so long for her. She may be too tired. What is normal amt of days for an alpaca to carry a cria? Will say a prayer to help get you through it all.