Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shearing Day

It takes a crew of 5 people to shear an alpaca. We all have our jobs and know them well, and as long as we keep out of each other's way, everything runs like a well oiled machine. The crew did 27 alpacas today. We have 9 left to finish in the next week or so. Above is the shearing table. It tilts to the side, where we lead an alpaca to stand next to it. Then you close this big pillow on them and tilt the table up, tie down their legs, and clip their halter to the table. They are pretty much imobilized, and the shearer does not kill his back bending over them on the ground, not to mention wear and tear on the knees, if you did it that way.

Here is Alan, trimming toenails.

After being shorn, the first thing the alpaca does is go out and take a dust bath. Here, Abigail and Dolly enjoy a nice long nap in the sun.

And finally, here are the weaner boys. Aren't they cute? I love them when they are newly shorn.
In the background you can see our wheat and barley field. Yep. We are trying it all this year.


  1. We sheared our just over a week ago now and just like yours they all went straight for a roll!

  2. I love finding out all the things you tell us about alpacas!

  3. I guess once shorn, they can finally get at that itchy skin - a good roll is what they've been waiting for!!!